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The Center.

"Where natural medicine complements traditional medicine "

An International Center localized in Belgium and in Portugal with a multidisciplinary team  specialized in Naturopathy, Psychology, Coaching, Hypnotherapy and other specialities for Kids, Adults and Pets.


Experts trained in Harvard (USA), ULB (Belgium), and other International Universities. With us you can find Evidence-Based Alternative, Integrative, Functional & Complementary Health Care Services.


During the visit we can speak Dutch, French, Spanish, Portuguese and English.

We provide Telemedicine Consultations (online) and Presential Consultations.

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Our Team.

Our professional team is trained to provide the best alternative and complementary holistic functional health support. 

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                                  Catia Cale


Lifestyle Coach

Personal Brand Strategist  

Gifted Kids & Adults Coach

The Founder 

Catia Čale

Naturopathic Practitioner

"Nature Serving Mind & Body"


"I bring to Belgium and Portugal what in the USA and Switzerland is common - Integrative Medicine. The Conventional Doctors collaborate in a natural way with Naturopathic Practitioners with a goal: to bring high quality patient centric care for chronic conditions and others."

In USA there are two types of medical doctors, the Naturopathic Doctors that decided to study a 6 year degree in Naturopathic Medicine and the Conventional Medicine Doctors. In USA, there are these two different types of degrees and the people can choose a 6 year degree either in Naturopathic Medicine or in Conventional Medicine. 

Consultations in Dutch, French, English, Spanish and Portuguese. 


Locations: Belgium and Portugal

Holistic Integrative Functional Medicine
Integrative Holistic Health Approach, Complementary to the Conventional Medicine.
Holistic Mind and Body approaches, using different Therapies/Techniques/Food/Herbs/Nutrients to guide patients towards health improvement
and relief of chronic & other conditions, disease prevention, health optimization & longevity.

What Patients Say

“Turns out simple what seems to be complicated. Finally I could understand, she explains everything in a way that everyone can understand. Finally I got better”

Rachel Willis

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Personalized Recommendations for Gut Health & Food as Medicine


The TolufApp brings to you Personalized Recommendations with the goal of improving the gut health. It is known that a healthy gut is a sign of a healthy immune system and good health. The dedicated recommendations comprehend meals rich in nutrients, prebiotics and probiotics that are required to improve the gut health.

Positive Mental Growth and Healthy Body

BoaCasa and HiOnSkool the Partner of Catia Cale Center
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For Families with Kids 
Activities & Stay In   
Enjoy unique, personalized Educative and Relaxing Experiences for Kids & Families. 
Based on the latest neurodevelopment evidences applied to the real world with an holistic approach.
See the different educational, leisure and stay in options at BoaCasa for Relaxation, Personal Growth, Coaching and Alternative Learning

"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know and love yourself completely"

Yung Pueblo

Contact Me

The founder and partners are members of


Portuguese Association of Naturopathy

UK Association of Naturopathic Practitioners


Belgian Union of Naturopaths (Union des Naturopaths de Belgique - in French)


Flemish Association of Coaches for Kids, Teenargers and Families

Association for Gifted Kids

Belgian Association for Hypnotherapeuts


Belgian Association of Naturopaths - in Flemish

European Union of Naturopathy

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